About Us

Looking for ways to engage your child's creative side and indulge his or her youthful imagination? If so, then welcome to the world of Zirrly! Our number one goal is to offer you unique and entertaining crafts with an educational advantage.


Since 1956, we’ve sold arts and craft supplies to crafters worldwide. And we’ve learned how to stir the imagination of children and help them develop their own creative spirit. Our craft kits also come with the added benefit of improving fine motor skills and hand–eye coordination.


 Creativity’s Benefits


Educational experts agree that encouraging creativity in children enhances their learning process, so our craft kits are designed to be entertaining and instructional for kids of all ages. We even offer craft kits that are designed specifically for children who have special needs, like Autism or Down syndrome. Crafting can supplement their learning experience and enhance their developmental process at the same time. Plus, it’s an excellent way to help them relax and concentrate.


 Get More for Your Money 


Want to make your dollars go farther? Our craft kits do double duty! Ditch that lackluster party favor and give your guests an experience and a memento. At the end of the day, your guests and party-goers will have their very own keepsake, plus a story to share with their friends and family.


From DIY bracelet kits, to our Tint N' Color accessories, Zirrly carries it all! So, if you need a playful project for a party, a classroom craft time activity, or a stockpile of rainy day blues-chasers, Zirrly’s extensive collection of craft kits and activities will turn any day into an adventure.


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