Sculpt It!


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Our Sculpt-It air hardening sculpting material is a fun, easy to use modeling medium. This is a no-bake product, no heat is needed for it to dry. Sculpt-It can be molded and shaped by hand or with sculpting tools, and water can be used to soften the it while working. Sculpts will dry ceramic hard in about 24 hours, denser sculptures may take longer to dry. Water can also be used to stick small pieces together.

Once dry, Sculpt-It can be sanded, drilled, painted, drawn on, and more! Acrylic, tempera, even liquid watercolor can be used to paint it. Make beads, necklaces, ornaments and decorations and so much more!

Sculpt-It can be reconstituted in water and softened after drying also.

Please choose color. 

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